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Our Customers enjoy all of our services?

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who we are

SUEAN. CO. Limited is a registered company specialized in importing and exporting quality Ghanaian commodities/products worldwide. At SUEAN. CO. Limited, We import: rice, sugar, yellow corn, soya beans, cooking oil and sardines. We also export: cocoa beans, coffee beans, cajoux nuts, au (gold), fresh mango, dry coconut. Our Logistics Division offers services to customers who need to small or large shipments.  

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               We take great pride in providing the most cost-effective and time-efficient  international delivery  by: Air, Shipping and Truck Delivery. We are your one-stop commodities solution to importing and exporting quality and healthy commodities to and from Ghana, offering a complete customs clearance package service to suit every client’s needs.

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Our Customers love our Product

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This is wonderful. Just bought a pack. Excited to support you guys

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I’m excited to try this out and finally receive my products.

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I think you have addressed a very important problem that is receiving Ghanaian products and also having it with best quality

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